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    Environment Claim

EasyPack achieves environmental protection with optimum product protection, minimum environmental effect, optimum packing plan and the most careful resource utilization. A detailed environmental report is provided to state that the company is always making efforts for environmental protection. Our products are in line with the international standards for plant quarantine countries and are transported to any country worldwide.
Air bubble liner is the most widely used and flexible packing materials, with the following performance:

Perfect packing design: regarding selection of materials and solutions, Drae Company offers the best design.
Global universal standard: EasyPack Company has subsidiaries over thirty countries, which offer technology and information service for global packing solutions.

Materials circulation: besides package design and supply, EasyPack offers timely distribution service, which reduces fund occupation and overdue material occupation.
Total cost control: during the whole process of packing, cost and operation are taken into account for effective packing solutions.