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    EVA rubber and plastic foam product
EVA rubber and plastic products are made of new environmental protection plastic foam materials, which are featured in cushion, shock-proof, thermal-insulation, chemical corrosion resistance and etc., without poison and water absorption. EVA plastic and rubber products can be processed in different forms, with shock-proof performance superior to polystyrene and other traditional form materials, and these materials are in line with environmental protection requirements and the best choice for export. Compared to shock-proof package, it can be cut and formed; owing to vast density difference, it can be used more widely.

Water resistance: sealing size structure, without water absorption, moisture-proof and high water-proof performance.
Corrosion resistance: sea water, oil grease, acid, alkali and other chemical substances resistance, bacteria, poison, odor and pollution free.
Processability: no joint, easy for thermal pressing, cutting, gelatinizing, joint and etc.
Shock-proof: high resilience, anti-tension and flexibility, with sound shock-proof/cushion performance.
Thermal insulation: superior thermal insulation against cold and insolating.
Sound-proof: sealing size and superior sound-proof.

Automobile, air-conditioner, refrigerator, refrigerating cabinet, home appliance, engineering refrigeration, cooling and etc.; internal lining material of ice skate and gym shoes, gym shoes insole, back protector of box and bag, surfboard and hassock, basic material for high end foam adhesive tape;
Thermal insulation materials for ice house, building against cold, light proof, construction and installation and etc.;
Automobile chair, internal decoration and proof of automobile, treadle pad, sunshine proof plate material;
Shock-proof and cushion package for electronics, precise instrument, instrument and etc. Electronic fittings, air-conditioner refrigeration fittings, thermal insulation materials for ice house, sealing and cushion parts for machine and equipment, thermal sizing part, precision instrument, knife for medical treatment, internal lining of package for measure, physical culture article, intelligence building block and etc.