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It is a kind of new environmental protection material with high cushion and shock-proof performance.
It is flexible, light and resilient. It absorbs and distributes impact through bending to realize cushion and overcomes disadvantages like fragility, deformation, poor resilience for common foam materials. Meanwhile, EPE is featured with thermal insulation, moisture-proof, sound-proof, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and etc. Pink EPE with antistatic agent has superior antistatic performance. EPE is a kind of recyclable environmental protection material. Besides packing, it is also used for construction, electromechanical engineering and other fields.

Owing to sound processability, EPE foam can be designed into different shapes for mass production; light package makes less transportation cost; well-conditioned impact resistance and cushion make it widely used for advanced furniture, home appliance, instrument, handicraft, wooden craft, glass ceramics, building water-proof, sound insulation, tourism bag and box, precise fittings, thermal insulation for pipe and etc.

Physical performance of EPE
Density: 0.03g/cm3
Tensile strength: 3.4 kg/cm2
Breakage strength: 2.6 kg/cm2
Extension rate: (70℃) 125%
Shrinkage rate: 0.75%
Applicable range of temperature: -60℃~+80℃
Antistatic performance of antistatic EPE
After static treatment, surface resistance is reduced from 1014-1016Ω to 108-1010Ω. General antistatic coefficient is 109-1012Ω.