Bubber wrap
Plastic Enclosures



An introduction to bubble warp Bubble warp is called PE, the material is polyethylene, with features of thermal insulation, alkali resistance, water-proof, antistatic, acid resistance, high pressure resistance and etc.


Bubble warp can be produced with antistatic agents in pink. It can be processed into different compound materials upon customers’ requirements, such as EPE compound, aluminum film compound and etc. The feature is that shock-proof and cushion are realized through sealing air bubbles and processed into antistatic products. It is a matured package material.

Air bubble, air pad film, EPE compound air bubble bag, EPE bag and EPE finished products are mainly used for package of electronic, appliance, handicraft, ceramic, glass, plastic, furniture and etc., with cushion, shock-proof, abrasion resistance features and etc. The series products are antistatic, flame-proof or colored upon demands.